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Candy Defender Saga... or REDACTED

As the captain of the Good Ship Lollipop, you are defending the world against legions of cockroaches, lawyers (but I repeat myself), greedy corporate executives, and corrupt government officials and bureaucrats to keep the video game market free. But inevitably, each time the game ends, the game is hit by a Cease and Desist or other court order and must change its title or instructions to remove or change words that are no longer usable.

It's a goofy game in a distinctly retro style, but is actually pretty fun to play. I've hit level 5 and a high score of 4200, so I'm sure you can beat me. And it's fun seeing what happens next in-between games.

Published Feb 02, 2014
AuthorRampant Coyote

Install instructions

Download the executable and run. It's a self-contained executable, so there is no installation required. Uses the GameMaker Studio engine.


Redacted_1.0.exe 3 MB